children’s house

The Children’s House is a place of hospitality and support. An open and sheltered space allows to welcome the public as well as the administrative and medical staff. Residents and families will be welcome in this multipurpose space, opening on awareness, prevention of child malnutrition, and therefore on good gestures and good practices to develop. This reception area also includes an educational garden to raise awareness among adults and young people about permaculture agriculture.

The accommodation — storage space, food and medical — and a medical consultation room are sheltered from view and from the activity. This will allow for the examination of people in difficulty as well as the training of community medical personnel. The children and their families will have a second court, quieter and more intimate.
Finally, the objective is to construct a building with the maximum of sustainable and local materials; all while allowing a simple implementation with local knowledge. The Children’s House is conceived as a place anchored in its social, geographical and ecological environment ; open and peaceful for all.

  • programme concours - équipement
  • localisation baghere (sn)
  • surface 250 m²
  • budget 23 000 € HT
  • performance matériaux biosourcés - pisé - terre crue - local
  • Année 2022
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